Prehospital care of crocodile attack injuries

Taken in Darwin where you can swim with crocodiles in a glass cage : IMage attribution here

Hi folks! Its getting close to start of the Big Wet season in Far NOrthern Australia where I live and work. Crocodiles are native animals up here and live in rivers, beaches , even in the Ocean! They were previously hunted almost into extinction so are now protected species and their numbers have grown steadily over the years.

In my RFDS work, we have had to retrieval crocodile injured folks over the years. In fact the last one, my wife Shelley did the retrieval of a man attacked by a 4metre saltwater crocodile from Weipa. Read about the story here!

Shelley said the man was put on a ketamine infusion for his analgesia as opioids were not controlling his pain from severe lower limb injuries including bilateral knee and ankle dislocations.

Anyway I did some research to see what the medical literature had on crocodilian prehospital and emergency care and enjoy the holiday reading below!

Crocodile attack in Australia: an analysis of its incidence and review of the pathology and management of crocodilian attacks in general.


Ward Round – Crocodile bites in Malawi: microbiology and surgical management

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