3 thoughts on “Gliderite stylet for cric – a concept by DuCanto

  1. Really interesting approach. My only concern is that the tip of that stylet is very rigid. Will this increase the risk of penetrating the trachea and getting into other tissue planes given the adrenalized state we’ll be in?

    1. Only if you seek holdup with it! But yes it increases risk like long semi rigid bougies . At least stylet is shorter and curved . Something like Pocket bougie is safer as flexible and soft tip

  2. I think this is an idea to be validated in simulation, both plastic (Mannequin) as well as tissue (Cadaver). It’s steel with a large round tip–I doubt it will perforate, unless an ung_dly amount of force is used. As many of us have access to these simulation settings, I offer this—don’t use this method clinically until you validate it in simulation. Likely, you’d use it only in the situation in which it was your ONLY option, due to poor resources.

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