One thought on “Are you ok?


    Here is a recent article by a GP out of UK who is not OK and I am not OK with him being not OK:

    “Most importantly, as a profession, we need to look out for each other. In their book First do no Harm: Being a Resilient Doctor in the 21st Century, Leanne Rowe and Michael Kidd1 say we should protect the wellbeing of our colleagues, as well as our patients. We’ve been looking out for each other more where I work, but I’ve also seen it done well on social media.
    So when your patients’ concerns seem to be echoing your own, perhaps it’s time to do what they are doing and seek help from someone. I have. And I’m doing OK, thank you for asking.”

    My Facebook page, Carers for Health Carers, was created for the purpose of caring for our doctors and nurses who care for us—and to help those in the medical field care for themselves better so they can care for their patients better.

    As this article expresses, health carers tend NOT care for themselves all that well as a group (highest suicide rate of professions) and as a result tend NOT to care well for their patients as a group (iatrogenic factors are from 1st to 3rd cause of most deaths in developed economies).

    This is a FACT that each of us, whether carer or cared for, should be ACTING on to alleviate and diminish.

    The definition of iatrogenic:
    resulting from the activity of a health care provider or institution; said of any adverse condition in a patient resulting fromtreatment by a physician, nurse, or allied health professional.

    Thanks to Minh’s blog for his article Are You OK?

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