Angioedema case presentation with Dr Peter Sherren

Dr Peter Sherren, currently working with Master Cliff Reid’s mob in Greater Sydney Area HEMS, sent me this case presentation he wrote on angioedema. Its a great little summary of key issues…and a good preface to the next podcast where Scott and I tackle the topic.

Angioneurotic oedema and ACEI

thanks for sharing Peter!


4 thoughts on “Angioedema case presentation with Dr Peter Sherren

    1. Hi Scott! In my retrieval area, there is a family with hereditary angioedema and we have gained experience in treating it with icatibant as well as C14Q esterase concentrate, even tranexamic acid for mild exarcebations. If clinical angioedema was unresponsive to a reasonable dose of adrenaline, and strong suspiscion of bradykinin induced pathophysiology i.e ACEI recently introduced, then absolutely I would give icatibant. On Twitterverse a month ago, a Brit doc commented he had used it in ED in ACEI angioedema case to good effect.

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