Prehospital and Retrieval medicine inspirational videos

Hey folks! Cliff Reid recently posted some great videos of his retrieval team and even though he tweeted about them, I was so inspired by how uplifting they were I thought they deserved a special PHARM mention here!

I reckon Cliff is the Spielberg of Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine.

Graduation July 2012

All this made me a bit sentimental so I pulled out an old favourite RFDS 80th Anniversary video and watched it again. You should to.

Hope you enjoyed and were inspired.

Upcoming stuff on PHARM : Wild Bill Hinckley the US HEMS doc from Cincinatti is back, talking about AMPA and stuff; Scott Weingart and I are doing a podcasts on human factors in critical care as well as angioedema special review; Aeromedical Simulation Cup 2012 is in late August and a true clash of the retrieval team Titans is all set , so episode on the hot news from that comp on the cards.



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