Hi folks

here is a taster of the power of #FOAMEd and what to expect at SMACC 2013 conference

Dr Haney Mallemat has been doing Google Hangout sessions , trying to navigate a plan to progress Free Open Access Medical education (#FOAMEd). He managed to get together a bunch of Down Under doctors yesterday for a hangout to discuss ED Critical care, areas of controversy and social medical networking for medical education. SMACC 2013 was discussed wth Chris Nickson from LITFL

Dr Matthew MacPartlin from INtensive Care network turned up and showed us his  critical care brilliance and bass guitar.

But to me what the hangout showed so well was the power of #FOAMEd. This is what we intend with SMACC 2013. The ability to network and participate remotely, online and in asynchronous manner. The ability to socialise during your learning to enhance impact and retention. The fact Matt mentioned flow volume loops to guide titration of BiPAP in asthma is something I learnt yesterday and I will remember and research it more because he made me laugh and I respect his opinion in my network of learning.

INTERESTED ? THEN FOLLOW @CriticalCareNow on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to find the next Hangout session by Haney.

EVEN BETTER REGISTER TO COME TO SMACC 2013 in Sydney , 11-13th March where this will all be happening, live, in person and on the Internet via Social media networks with live tweeting, Hangout sessions after dark and MORE!

Here is what is on the menu for this TASTER :

  1. Asthma and NIPPV
  2. Heliox in asthma
  3. Fluid resuscitation principles and pointers
  4. PE overdiagnosis and thrombolysis
  5. Adrenaline/epinephrine in cardiac arrest

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