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SMACC 2013 Preconference UK SIMWARS CHALLENGE with Professor S Carley and Dr N May



Hi folks!

early this morning I interviewed Professor Simon Carley and Dr Natalie May of the UK StEMlyns blog.

This was great to talk to them about the AWESOME Emergency medicine blog and in the spirit of #FOAMEd, we had to mention SMACC 2013 in Sydney , 11-13th March. HAVE YOU SUBMITTED YOUR ABSTRACTS OR POSTERS YET..DEADLINE 30TH NOVEMBER!!!

It sounds like they are gathering a cadre of EM folks from the UK to travel to SMACC 2013 and participate in all activities including the SIMWARS!

This recording below is a Preconference CHallenge I thought I would test the Brits on so tune in and see/hear how they do!




Penetrating eye injury image source

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