SMACC 2013 Day One report by Minh


Dr Cliff Reid and his ROCKETamine slide ( rocuronium + ketamine in one syringe!)


Hi folks!

Day one of SMACC 2013 finished!

This is how it started…


Dr Oliver Flower of Intensive Care Network gets picked up by a wrestler!

Dr Scott Weingart, yes Mr EmCrit himself then delivered a rousing introductory speech on the Essence of Critical Care. Did you know Dr David Newman and Dr Ashley Shreves met in the ED during an emergent thoracotomy that was successful!


Then Dr Cliff Reid gave a stirring lecture on Making things happen and showed this brilliant slide on ROCKETamine. wow, simply brilliant. I thought ketroperidol was good. Ketofol is so old school now.

Some really good talks on controversial critical care topics followed. Like this one by Professor Myburgh on resuscitation fluids!




And this one on shock assessment by Dr Michelle Johnston



We had a plenary session on FOAMEd and the future and this is well outlined by the Day one report by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg.

My personal views on the roadmap for FOAMEd I have written on in this blog post

Probably one of the highlights for me of Day one was meeting people who I have only ever met virtually on twitter or via blogs.

I met Scott Weingart in person! He is not as tall in person ( bout my size!) as I thought he would be! But it was great to finally meet my podcasting and blogging mentor/teacher as well as my trusted source of all things EDCC!

I met Roger Harris, Oli Flower, Matt McPartlin,  Simon Carley, Natalie May, Andy Buck,Chris Nickson, Mike Cadogan, Domnhall Brannigan, Casey Parker, Tim Leeuwenburg, Chris Edwards, Warren Adie, Chris Creswell.

I caught up with so many folks in EM and Prehospital medicine: Amit Maini, Stefan Mazur, Cliff Reid, Alex Tzannes, Anthony Lewis, Raj Sehdev, Toby Fogg, Anne Creaton.

I met this guy, Andre (@keeweedoc), a hospital doctor in GreyMouth, New Zealand, famous for blogging about his acute appendicitis and surgery!



Cant wait for Day 2! free paper sessions, Social media and critical care plenary, Sonogames!


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