Dr Richard Levitan’s Famous Cadaver Airway course comes to Oz!

levitan 2009 workshop
Dr Levitan delivering a lecture at RFDS Airway skills workshop 2009


Dr Richard Levitan has been running a world famous cadaver airway skills course in Philadelphia for years. Its called the Practical Emergency Airway management course. Here is what my mate, Dr Cliff Reid has to recommend about Dr Levitan’s teachings/resources on emergency airway management

With the support of the awesome Dr John Vassiliadis (@johnrachelv) and the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation centre

this premier airway skills training course is coming to Australia for the first time ever.

Please give it lots of support either by enrolling or spreading the word to colleagues. Its a unique experience in airway education using specially prepared cadavers to practice multiple airway techniques, combined with Dr Levitan’s encyclopaedic knowledge, experience and research into the area of emergency airway management.


Share it via your networks. Support this course so it can become a regular event for our colleagues and trainees to enjoy and learn. Previously we would have to travel to USA to undertake this course. Brilliant work by John Vassiliadis to make this happen, thanks!

There are more courses scheduled for January 2014 so spread the word, book early. Get your name on the wait list! You do not want to miss this!


(I have no financial relationships with the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation centre, Dr Vassiliadis nor Dr Levitan)

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