Urologist + Anaesthetist = prehospital amputation team

Christchurch amputation

Hey folks?

Ever have a bad day at work? You know. When the waiting room is full all day & you miss your lunch break. When the ED beds are all gone and 12 ambulances outside waiting to off load more? When the ICU beds are all occupied and your urine output has been less than all of your patients’ ? Or when the OT lounge espresso machine is broken and your favourite sushi bar has run out of your special tofu rolls?

Lets face it many of us work and feel safe behind four walls and a roof. Walls are good. They protect us from the weather. This makes work a happier place.

But what if your work day was not only outside a hospital but somewhere , where the walls were falling apart or about to…where the roof was gone or going to fall right on top of you..and your patient?

Thats a bad day! And only getting worse…

And what if that day was not even a work day..but a holiday for you..you are not even supposed to be at work?

Imagine that day…well read on for the real case..

A conference of urologists. cue the unlikely heroine & prehospital surgeon..Dr Lydia Johns Putra, urologist.

off duty anaesthetist Dr Bryce Curran, at home when earthquake struck. Cue the second prehospital medical hero to the story.

Then the patient, Brian Corker, trapped by both legs from fallen masonry in a stairwell.


2 thoughts on “Urologist + Anaesthetist = prehospital amputation team

  1. “He describes ketamine as a very good
    anaesthetic in the disaster environment.
    “Most anaesthetists will be
    familiar with it. It offers very good
    haemodynamic stability and tends to
    protect the airway reflexes.”
    -pg10, col.3

    I have this strange sense that you liked this article Minh? 😀

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