Dr Sellick strikes back ! The return of cricoid pressure

Attributed to some joker on Twitter

Attributed to some joker on Twitter

Hi folks

in this months journal reading, more on cricoid pressure is to be found!

What you say?!! Didnt cricoid pressure get removed from our collective RSI/emergency airway management mindset?!


The Effectiveness of Cricoid Pressure for Occluding the Esophageal Entrance in Anesthetized and Paralyzed Patients: An Experimental and Observational Glidescope Study

Take home points here:

  1. This confirms my belief that VL would make cricoid pressure use more objective and standardised, hence more effective. The weakness of past attempts to prove it works
  2. That occlusion of the oesophageal patency occurs at the recommended 30N force, despite the position of the oesophagus on VL examination


Now for some more balanced articles on cricoid pressure out this month!

Cricoid pressure : where do we stand?

Cricoid pressure: An enigma wrapped in a mystery or a hand wrapped around a throat? If I can’t disprove a lie, does it become the truth?


Dr Anand Swaminathan of EMRAP interviewed me this month on the whole cricoid pressure in RSI debate so check it out on an episode soon!

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