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The dates for SMACC Chicago have had to be pushed back by a month.
Before you pop an aneurysm, let us explain why:
With SMACC Chicago a year away the organising committee has been locking in the complex web of contracts on event space and accommodation.

The bookings for the space had been negotiated months back. The dates we had chosen and secured were based on:
• The availability of the space at McCormick place convention centre
and the Arie Crown theatre
• The weather in Chicago at different times during the year
• Avoiding clashes with other Critical Care meetings
What was not clear to us and the convention centre was that SMACC was
scheduled to be sandwiched between two enormous city-wide events. These events attract 75,000 delegates and book out almost every room in Chicago. At the same time SMACC has evolved so rapidly that our specifications have changed considerably in the last six months. The net result of all these factors is that there is no flexibility within the current dates to expand our space requirements and this would very likely limit adversely affect the delivery of the event. The delivery of SMACC Chicago in a style and to a standard which exceeds our previous successes, while remaining affordable to attendees, is paramount to the SMACC organising committee.

This has left us little option but to negotiate on alternate dates in June. The dates now chosen, June 24-26th 2015 (with workshops on June 23rd 2015) meet our foreseeable needs. Chicago will be a little warmer in June though we expect it to still be pleasant. There are no
major meeting clashes on the Critical Care calendar and according to ‘Choose Chicago’ no enormous city-wide events planned at this time that would dwarf SMACC.
We apologise for the enormous inconvenience to anyone who like us has
already booked leave for the previously advertised dates in May, but hope that given the one year notice, that these issues can be overcome!

SMACC Chicago JUNE 23-26th 2015

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