Killer EKGs by Mat Goebel

Published on May 16, 2015
“Killer EKGs That Aren’t STEMIs” presented at the IHC EMS Conference in Murray, UT on 15 May 2015.

More FOAMEd upcoming from this EMS conference, thanks to Dr Rob Bryant!

5 thoughts on “Killer EKGs by Mat Goebel

  1. The description of sensitivity and specificity are totally wrong in the first 5 min. of this video.

    Sensitivity is literally the True Positive Rate, and has nothing to do with false positives. False positives are a function of the specificity. I.E. low specificity results in high false positive rate, however sensitivity has nothing to do with it. He keeps just giving examples of false positives (pregnancy, TB, etc.) as if he’s making a point while contradicting himself and making jokes.

    Couldn’t watch passed there.

      1. Listening to it again, I agree I emphasized the wrong point in defining those terms and did not explain it clearly

        I was trying to convey that sensitivity is the portion of people correctly detected with disease, and that sensitive tests TEND to have a lower positive predictive value. Also that specificity is the portion of people correctly identified without disease, and that very specific test tend to have a lower negative predictive value.

        I will add annotations to the youtube video to try and clear this up. Thank you for the feedback.

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