Ten (10) Examples of Hyperacute T-waves in Lead V2 (a few in V3), due to acute LAD occlusion — Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog

Thursday's case, read by 60,000 people, provoked a bit of anguish among readers because they weren't all sure they would recognize this finding of LAD occlusion. Others thought it was obvious. Others thought they would detect it with troponins or serial EKGs (serial EKG was done and did not change; I don't know about serial… via… Continue Reading

FROM Death We MUST learn

Don’t miss the comments at the bottom!I was sent this ECG with the following information:A 37 year old female with no comorbidities, a non-smoker, with no known hyperlipidemia and no family h/o of CAD presented to ED with central chest pain since 5 hours with no radiation, increased by moving her arms and associated with SOB.…… Continue Reading

Killer EKGs by Mat Goebel

Published on May 16, 2015 “Killer EKGs That Aren’t STEMIs” presented at the IHC EMS Conference in Murray, UT on 15 May 2015. More FOAMEd upcoming from this EMS conference, thanks to Dr Rob Bryant!