Ketamine for Depression by Dr Stephen Hyde

A book of our generation to fundamentally change how we deal with depression and suicidality

Ok folks, do one thing this year and spend $3.99 to buy this book. The money raised funds research into ketamine for depression and the contents of this book will revolutionise your understanding and practice of helping those with depression and suicidality.

The book can be found here : KETAMINE FOR DEPRESSION

You can read a sample of the book as well from that address.

Dr Hyde is my hero. He is a semi-retired psychiatrist in Launceston, Tasmania who started researching into ketamine use for psychiatric conditions and has developed/refined a method of sublingual ketamine to treat patients with depression and suicidality as well as other debilitating illnesses like obsessive compulsive disorder.

In my opinion Dr Hyde is a critical care psychiatrist, a mental health resuscitationist. He saves lives with this treatment. More folks in Australia die from suicide than road trauma per annum. We all can learn from his work and this book is an excellent read into a new frontier of medicine that has remained in limbo for decades. We have few treatments that work quickly and effectively for suicidal patients. ECT(electroconvulsive therapy) is the most commonly used one but carries limitations as often requires multiple treatments and involves hospitalisation and general anaesthesia. The alternative option now of ketamine is in fact using a general anaesthetic but in a way that has never before been considered feasible . Read the book and realise this is a highly pragmatic delivery method and whilst the results so far are limited to a small case series, there is no doubt it has saved lives.

This book has inspired me incredibly. Rural and remote Australia where I work is seeing more and more folks with depression and suicides are incredibly traumatic to each rural community. In some parts of rural Western Australia we have very high rates of suicide, second in the world. Our current strategies to deal with this are limited and slow and in fact can be traumatic in themselves. Flying a rural person to a major city , away from their social and cultural supports can be extremely disabling, even if it is to try to ensure their own safety. If ECT is provided, this means hospitalisation and general anaesthesia, multiple times, prolonging the dislocation process for these rural people. I have always dreamed of a way we could provide effective, safe, rapid treatment to acutely suicidal and severely depressed patients in their own communities. To rapidly alleviate suffering whilst giving time for other therapies to start to work. This book describes such a method to do so and Dr Hyde has been actually doing it!

Dr Hyde’s writing in the book is not only scientific, discussing the current literature but he provides a compassionate and humanistic argument as to why we need to explore ketamine for depression and build the research further.

This is not only my recommended Book for 2015 but for the decade!


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