IRIS Cricoid Pressure Trial & Deimplementation (Journal Club) — Nursing Education Network

Journal Club Article: Birenbaum, A., Hajage, D., Roche, S., Ntouba, A., Eurin, M., Cuvillon, P., … & Menut, R. (2018). Effect of Cricoid Pressure Compared With a Sham Procedure in the Rapid Sequence Induction of Anesthesia: The IRIS Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Surgery. Background: Cricoid pressure or Sellick’s maneuver (first described by Dr. Sellick in… Continue Reading

May the Cricoid Force be with You!

Cricoid force: time to put it to one side? Great editorial and essential reading for all. "The arguments for and against have been covered in a multitude of editorials and reviews but can be summarised in a few lines" 👇 🔓 — Anaesthesia (@Anaes_Journal) December 6, 2018

Cricoid Continues Confounding!

The use of cricoid pressure during RSI by @EMNerd_ — the EMCrit Crew (@emcrit) October 18, 2018 JC: Cricoid Pressure and RSI, do we still need it? St Emlyn’s — Saint Emlyn's (@stemlyns) October 20, 2018 John Hinds' original talk about cricoid pressure from SMACC. — mike hurley (@m1kehurley) October 18,… Continue Reading

JC: Cricoid Pressure and RSI, do we still need it? St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Emergency Medicine #FOAMed This blog reviews the first large randomised controlled trial of cricoid pressure in emergency patients as published in JAMA Surgery, October 2018. Cricoid pressure is controversial. Although it has been taught in anaesthesia practice, since it’s original description by Sellick1, as an essential requirement when performing RSI, the evidence for… via… Continue Reading

We will make Cricoid great again

. @DentonGavin @ketaminh @coffeeheadaches New ICU Difficult Airway Guidelines coming soon. Differ from DAS guidance. Still have #cricoid — Nitin Arora (@aroradrn) December 7, 2016 //

Cricoid pressure is standard of care in UK HEMS

Another good clinical governance day! @kssairambulance @NealDurge @dbootland @DavidW_08 Watch is moulage artefact! — Leonieke Vlaanderen (@LVlaanderen) June 3, 2016   The cricoid debate – balancing risks and benefits by Dr Tim Cook (NAP4 author)