PHARM Podcast 015 – MICA Service of Victoria with Flight Paramedic Ben Meadley

Flight Paramedic Ben Meadley(middle back of picture) tells us about MICA Victoria

Hi folks! Ben Meadley has a great prehospital blog. He is proud of his service, MICA Victoria. Things that we talk about during the interview are Adult Retrieval Services in Victoria ( ARV), check out the weblink for some fantastic resources on retrieval medicine! We discuss the training of a MICA paramedic and here is a great presentation from a MICA Flight team manager, Anthony De Wit, on the outdoor training aspects. Prehospital research trials are discussed and references to these can be found on Ben’s blog article, CHILLOUT. I mention iSOBAR clinical handover tool and I recommend you all check it out. The key to prehospital and retrieval medicine is effective communication.

During the case scenario, we discuss management of status epilepticus and I mention ketamine. Here are some references for its use in refractory seizures.

Mayo Clinic overview of management of status epilepticus

Lowenstein 2006 overview on status epilepticus and mention of ketamine as alternative agent to preserve haemodynamics

Stay safe and enjoy the interview


Now on to the Podcast

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