Capnography with Life Pak 15

OK this is for my RFDS colleagues working up in Far North Cape York clinics. You know who you ARE! Recently I got asked to demonstrate how to setup end tidal capnography on the new Life Pak 15 defib/monitors in the clinics.

Its not as simple as having a separate nasal cannula setup for non invasive capnography and a ETT adapter for invasive capnography of a ventilated patient.

NOw stay with me.I am going to post some images and instructions and FINALLY A DEMO VIDEO AT THE END

“if you want to do capnopgraphy with the new Life Pak 15 in clinics, you need to find these Smart CapnoLine PLus  nasal capnometer lines.

I have only been able to find these in KOW, not PMP last visit I looked. I have confirmed they are available in AUR and LHR but not COE.

Stick the capnometer line into the CO2 port of the LifePak as shown in the picture

then measure a good length of line and cut it off from the rest of the nasal cannula tubing.

now you need to find a suction swivel connector for the ETT..these are currently available on all the disposable Oxylog 3000 plus vent circuits that all clinics have for the 3000 vents.

Insert the cut end of the capnometer line through the suction port into the connector and voila you have a working capnography for your next RSI in remote clinic”

NOW THE DEMO VIDEO…I apologise for the shocking camera work by my dear colleague Dr Peter Modlmayr. He is a much better doctor than filmmaker!

Questions still? email or come and talk to me for a live demo in person!

6 thoughts on “Capnography with Life Pak 15

  1. Yes Minh, I know who I am! Thanks for this piece. Peter, you need to work on holding that camera steady!

    1. I can’t believe the powers that be would spend 20 odd thousand on a monitor/defibrillator and then not supply the consumables so you can use it properly. I’m sure if you asked your colleagues in the QAS that are in the process of changing over from Lifepak 12’s (use the same ETCO2 consumables as the LP15) to Corpuls (uses a different ETCO2 set-up than LP12/15) they are likely to have more than a few LP12/15 ETCO2 attachments lying around that they might generously donate to a worthy cause like the RFDS.

  2. This is a proprietary Oridion capnography system? You did a good job of adapting it to your ventilator circuit. Look at the orange connector that goes to the monitor—the key to making this system work os the gold plated face of this orange connector. This is how these guys keep their system proprietary—the gold portion completes a circuit, and thus, will only work with this connector in place. Hint—should you desire to use the capnography lines used in the operating room ( with an elbow connector that permits these lines to plug in), you would create an adapter from this orange portion that would allow the capnography line to attach and detach from this part. I’ll see if I can make you one.

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