2012 Aeromedical Conference In Cairns DAY ONE REPORT


Day one of the Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nurses Australia 24 th meeting, 2012 in my town of Cairns, Queensland.
After a year of planning and preparation, it was such a relief to just enjoy the day , listen to great friends give presentations and run the Retrieval simulation cup First Round.

Here are my pictorial highlights from DAy ONE!

Dr Karel Habig, Clinical Director of Greater Sydney area Helicopter emergency Medical Service, GSA HEMS, NSW air ambulance, debates my boss, Associate Professor Geoff Ramin, RFDS Queensland on formation of a prehospital and retrieval medicine college. Fantastic debate! Conclusion is a college is inevitable in some form, but it should not be the focus of PHARM training

Next up, my great friend and another GSA HEMS doctor, Cliff Reid!


Cliff was as witty as ever and gave a great shout out to FOAM and social media meducation!
He talked on how textbooks are sometimes not so uptodate!

EmCrit got a huge shoutout!

Life in the fast lane got an even bigger shout out!

Mike Cadogan got hailed as the Professor of FOAM and Social Media Meducation!


The Retrieval Simulation CUP was on NEXT!
This is the GSA HEMS Team left to right, Dr Peter Sherren, SCAT paramedics Martin Pearce and “Bubba”



It begins!


GSA HEMS team started with first case, a scenario where patient was a man struck in head and back by gyrocopter rotor blade in a prehospital rural setting.

the volunteer firemen has just fainted! GSA HEMS team worked well as a team under pressure!

Dr Anthony Lewis of iSimulate and designer of ALSi the portable monitor simulation system, which was used in this competition, controlled the scenarios perfectly and we had a great time playing “Big Brother” running the scenarios!


Next was Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust team!


Their case was a child who fell and sustained a tent peg penetrating injury to their right orbit. Well handled guys!

The following teams were : RFDS Queensland, Alice Springs and then MedStar Adelaide.
The top two scoring teams at the end of day One were MedStar ADELAIDE and Alice Springs retrieval team and they will battle it out on Day Two for the Retrieval Simulation Cup!!

Karel gave a great lecture in the late afternoon on Novel training in Retrieval and Prehospital Medicine




The ALSi portable monitor simulation system is a vital component of GSA HEMS prehospital training. RFDS QLD STAR program have purchased one for our training.

Love it! Prehospital USS training. These guys teach the cutting edge to stay ahead of the curve!

There were lots of other lectures and presentations but these were my highlights for DAY ONE! DAY TWO REPORT coming soon!

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