EMCrit on Preoxygenation and promoting #FOAMEd

Image attributed to Twitterati Fayaz Gulamani (@fayazg99)

HI folks
during SMACC 2013, Scott Weingart, Mr EMCrit himself, gave a lecture where he advised we all adopt regular reading of clinical journals as well as use FOAMEd sources.

In essence “Dont just dip your toes in the water, jump in and try to drink the river!”

I try to do monthly journal reading and this month in Journal of Emergency Medicine , Articles in press, there are two letters.

One is from two anaesthetists from UK, criticising Scott on his Preoxygenation, Oxygenation and Delayed Sequence INtubation in ED article.

The second is Scott’s reply to their letter along with a very novel method of response. He recorded a podcast with one of the anaesthetists. This is a great way of promoting FOAMEd, via traditional print journal response but also via FOAMEd podcasting.

I believe this is the best way forward for FOAMEd community, having traditional credibility via longstanding methods of information/academic discourse, but simulataneously disseminating via online, social media vehicles.

All the article references and podcast links are here

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