Optimal oxygenation in ICU intubations

Pre-oxygenate your sick pts in ICU/ER with NIV or high-flow oxygen (or both!) before intubation to avoid desaturation and collaps.#ISICEM17 pic.twitter.com/hnZ5RMu2nG — Anesthesia&CritCare (@AnesthCritCare) March 23, 2017 OPTINIV: combining NIV w high-flow oxygen (=apneic oxygenation) seems to best preserve oxygenation during intubation in the ICU. #ISICEM17 pic.twitter.com/PITHXLXzQZ — Anesthesia&CritCare (@AnesthCritCare) March 23, 2017 Key messageContinue reading “Optimal oxygenation in ICU intubations”