A question from Peru – see if you can help!

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Hi folks

Got this in the email bag last week. Lets see if the PHARM community out there can help out our Peruvian colleague!

Name: Jose Portugal
Email: jportugal18@hotmail.com
Comment: Hi, my name is Jose, and I am a 2nd year emergency medicine resident in Lima Peru. I work at a III-1 level hospital (high complexity), located in a poor county in Lima. It is the only high complexity hospital in a 6 county area, with a total population of a little over 2 million people. We in the emergency department are trying to organize a system to allow us triage the patient before it arrives, so only the sickest patients arrive to our ED (as of right now we receive every single patient that crosses the hospital doors, for example minor cuts, contusion, a flu, mild dehydration). A you can see there is no filter, to direct this not so ill patients to other centers with the capacity to solve this patients problems. The problem we are having with this is, there is no communication whatsoever between the hospital, and the EMS service (the EMS service in Peru is provided by the fire department. Fire fighters in Peru are volunteers with different professions, with little or no knowledge on healthcare). So I was wondering if you could provide some inside on how your pre-hospital system is organized, if you could provide with any documents that could help us set this system we are trying to put in place (in the local area) how hospital manage patients brought in by EMS services, is there any form of registration. who handles the communication between the field EMS providers and the hospital. Anything that you could consider important for us to set this up please send it to me, I’m sure it will be of enormous help. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work with the blog.

4 thoughts on “A question from Peru – see if you can help!

  1. In Cape town, south africa we use the “SATS” – South African Triage Scale
    Depending on the end triage score patients are taken to different level of care facilities (eg primary healthcare clinic or tertiary hospital)
    Read the numerous documents found on this webpage:

  2. Hi Minh & Jose,

    I’m happy to help out and have got a fair bit of info and IP about pre-hospital systems. If either of you’d like to contact me directly I’m happy to discuss.



  3. We are neighbors. In Chile, we have “basic” ambulances, monitored by trained nurses, and “advanced” ambulances, monitored by doctors. Our prehospital system is called SAMU. Although hospitals cover specific geographical area, we can choose the best center to our critical patients if is neccesary. We can prepare the teams before the patient arrive to the ED. Also we can dispatch and coordinate helicopters if is neccesary. Here a brief summarize:

    Click to access MarAprilcommonsense_07_em-chile.pdf

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