Thoughts and prayers with PHARM colleagues in Norway

The darkest hour is right before the dawn
The darkest hour is right before the dawn

Terrible news overnight of a HEMS accident with two fatalities.


The PHARM site will be blackened for a month to show respect to our fallen colleagues in this global prehospital community.




One thought on “Thoughts and prayers with PHARM colleagues in Norway

  1. Safety for prehospital professionals is an issue in every moment of our working experience. Working all together on each aspect of the problem the only way to improve it.

    Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:42pm EST
    Eurocopter issues safety alert over EC135 fuel gauge error
    * Bond had grounded its EC135 fleet on fuel gauge fault
    * Possible similar errors found in other aircraft -Eurocopter
    * Alert comes after EC135 crashed in Glasgow
    * Eurocopter: Too early to draw connection of defect to crash
    A spokesman for Eurocopter, a unit of European aerospace and defence company EADS, said tests by Bond and two other EC135 operators in Europe found possible similar supply-tank fuel gauging errors that overestimated the fuel on board.
    The discovery of the fault came 12 days after one of Bond’s EC135s leased to the police crashed into the Clutha pub in Glasgow killing three crew and 7 others.
    From Reuters

    Do we have to wait for tragedies to be concerned about safety or something more can be done to prevent accidental deaths?
    Mario rugna

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