An Elective of Extremes: from Nepal to Norway — Adventure Medic

Dr Anna Schumann / FY2 / South East London Hospitals With a keen interest in the global diversity of remote and pre-hospital medicine, Anna took the opportunity to explore a range of settings for her undergraduate medical elective in 2016. Travelling first to the Kathmandu valley in Nepal where she worked in a city hospital… viaContinue reading “An Elective of Extremes: from Nepal to Norway — Adventure Medic”

Norwegian mathematical chopper equation and stuff

There are a bunch of ways to figure out where to put your resources. Dr Alan Garner found a guy who can crunch the big numbers to look at it a little differently. What’s the answer for optimal locations? First ask what is the question. We have just had a new study published in BMC […]Continue reading “Norwegian mathematical chopper equation and stuff”