Are you OK?

Hey folks, I just finished listening to an important podcast from Mitch Thomas and Jess over at the Downstairs Care Out There show.
here is the episode
The cut segement from Jess’s talk on Peer Support and MH

It triggered a memory I had of a patient of mine who suicided quite a few years ago now, when I was working as a rural doctor in a small town. The visiting psychiatrist the next day popped into our clinic and over lunch I brought up the recent suicide. The first thing he asked me was “How are you feeling?” I didnt expect that but I have tried to take that same approach , from them on, when talking to colleagues about traumatic events.

its easy to forget/neglect our emotional responses/reactions to the awful things we often encounter in our line of work in ED, ICU, OT and prehospital.

Jess wrote more on this earlier in the year at the prehospitalresearch blog. Check out her article here.
What CAN happen when we ask our colleagues if they are OK

There have been a lot of talks and materials on inspiring excellence and mental toughness in critical care. A lot of time and energy gets devoted to debating things. Sure some of this is for entertainment and humour. This humour I suspect helps us deal with the existential despair that our work can often invoke.

Here are my ABCs of emergency mental health care FOR EACH OTHER

A = ASK are you ok?
B = BE available to listen
C = CONCERN , express it if you are.

Dr Fleming is a rural doctor from my home state of South Australia. Here he gives an impassioned account of his own journey into addressing the crisis of suicide in his town.
Approach to rural suicide

Thankyou Mitch and Jess for reminding us all, never forget to ask ARE YOU OK?


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