RSI checklist from Kiwi Contributor!


In the PHARM mailbox this month, Dr Jonathon Wills, from New Zealand, sent me his RSI checklist he had developed for his ICU and helicopter retrieval service.

He wanted to share it in the spirit of FOAMED

So check it out!

RSI_final (1)

In his email explaining the checklist I found this paragraph on implementation to be very important so reproduce it here now :

Buy-in was achieved by getting the nurses on board. I sold it to them as this is a tool that will get people doing things in the same way that maximises success. It is your tool to empower you to get doctors doing it right! They are the continuity in the retrieval service so it was important to set up a process that worked for them. It also means they have the ability to intervene early if thing go wrong because they all know what the next step is and when it should be activated.

Thanks Jono for the Kiwi contribution to FOAMEd!


4 thoughts on “RSI checklist from Kiwi Contributor!

  1. Howdy Minh,

    I’m about to head out to Seattle for the SAM meeting in order to present these abstracts. Thought they might be something you would be interested in. Introducing the checklist was really helpful in reminding people to use the “best practices.” I’d love to hear what you think.

    Andrew Brainard 021-246-7423

    1. thanks Andrew. Good luck at SAM. Punch Nicholas Chrimes in arm for me and say hi to DuCanto and Levitan!
      I cant see any abstracts in your comments but yes they sound interesting. all best for presenting them!

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