attribution to some joker on Twitter
attribution to some joker on Twitter

Register for SMACCFORCE now! 

Here is an induction training video from Kent,Surrey&Sussex HEMS in UK to get you in the mood! Thanks to them!

Here are some of the sessions we got planned for this exclusive Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine symposium that brings together prehospital providers from around the world.

  1. Pre-hospital Medicine – How far have we come?
    “The Right Stuff” – Training in Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine
    “The Wrong Stuff” – Dogma in Pre-hospital and Retrieval
    “The Tough Stuff” Stress Physiology/PTSD in EMS
  2. Hypothetical case discussions like “There’s a hole in my bucket” & “Thats not a knife!”

  3. Tactical EMS – In the Line of Fire
    Picking up the Pieces after an EMS accident
    Humans the Size of your Hand
    ECMO Retrieval
    Tasking HEMS – the Ultimate Challenge
    DEBATE “Direct Laryngoscopy is a dead skill in prehospital care….we just haven’t told it yet ”
  4. Demonstration sessions like Prehospital RSI, ECMO retrieval

So come along and join in!

Here are some videos made by Greater Sydney HEMS who are significantly involved in the SMACCFORCE faculty.

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