5 thoughts on “ROCKETAMINE WINS

  1. can anyone cite the studies that show that sux-induced fasciculations reduce safe apnea time (re: the slide shown at 2:03 in the video)? I’ve looked for the evidence to support that idea but can’t find it. thanks!

  2. what’s the dose you use for rocketamine? Do you use ketamine 1mg/kg and Roc 1.2mg/kg or smaller doses for drug-facilitated intubation with spontaneous breathing? One of my colleagues use ketamine at 20mg boluses and Roc 20mg for adult patient. There is some literature out for low dose ROC for intubation but I am not convinced. Maybe a combo of topical lidocaine + low dose roc + bolus Ketamine can create best intubation condition for critically ill Emergency patient.

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