Retrieval Simulation Cup 2012 Training video by Master Cliff Reid “Train hard,fight easy”

In a little over a weeks time, a gathering of retrieval practitioners will occur in Cairns, Queensland , Australia. They come from around the globe : New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, Australia. It will be the 24th Aeromedical Society of Australasia and Flight Nurses Australian conference

There will be the inception of a new Aeromedical Simulation Cup competition with 5 teams enrolled.

Master Cliff Reid of Greater Sydney Area HEMS, New South Wales Ambulance has been putting his entrusted team through a hard training regime of intense physical and simulation exercise. Watch their kungfu in this video. It is very strong.


iSimulate( Competition prize sponsor of full ALSi kit and software one year subscription worth over $4800)

Watch carefully in the above video for use of the iSimulate ALSi product in training with GSA HEMS team. THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS IN TRAINING!

ALSi high fidelity medical simulator device pictured in background here ( encased in yellow portable monitor bag)

Drager Australia for loan of an Oxylog 3000 transport ventilator for the competition.

The competition action is going to be awesome. The GSA HEMS team in training epitomise the Three Rules of PHARM. Who will oppose them? Who can stand up to their resolve?

Train hard, fight easy.



4 thoughts on “Retrieval Simulation Cup 2012 Training video by Master Cliff Reid “Train hard,fight easy”

    1. likewise my friend! Cliff, you have an amazing talent as a movie maker! I thoroughly love the short movies you and your team produce showcasing the training , work and esprit de corps of your unit. Anyone can see that your service operates at an elite level. kudos to you, Karel and the team!

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