PHARM on the farm!

Hi there! How was your week?

The tropical rains started falling now in Far north Queensland and Cairns got a reasonable soaking this week. Good for the garden. But not so good for a prehospital training day I helped teach on for RVTS, Rural Vocational Training Scheme

Had to laugh at the audio asynchrony of the video recording here. Makes me look like I am in an authentic 1970’s kung fu schlock movie! Thanks to RVTS for recording it !

I have helped out on past training weeks before but this was the first prehospital farming accident training I had assisted with. It was a blast! Despite the rain! Here is a good overview of the day, from an ABC TV interview shot during the training

Remote doctors train for farming emergencies

The scenario I was teaching on involved a drowning simulation. I was helped by several rural doctor colleagues, Dr Ruth Johnston, Dr Tom Douch and Dr Peter McKenna.

It was such fun drowning my mannikins. In the rain it was almost like out of a scene from Apocalypse Now, in the steamy heat of the tropics.

The female doctor with the broad brimmed hat and glasses is none other than Dr Catarina Widding from RFDS Western Australia

She have a great talk in 2011 at the Aeromedical Society of Australasia conference in Perth on ROAD LANDINGS : AVIATION AND CLINICAL ASPECTS. And she is Swedish! From Sweden to Outback Australia and this week, in tropical Cairns, resuscitating one of my drowned mannikins!

Next week on the PHARM, the conclusion to a DAY in the LIFE of a FLYING DOCTOR!  and more on SMACC 2013

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