Bougie with Kiwi and Pistol grip – cool stuff


Bougie. boogie. intubating catheter. a long bit plastic used to assist tracheal intubation.
we love them dont we. but some are crappier than others.

The BOMIMed INTROES POCKET BOUGIE, is a new one on the market. it looks cool and fits in your pocket and is disposable. I have no financial interests or received any donations from the makers. I cant even get one in Australia as its not licenced yet as a medical device here!

So next best thing I asked my Kiwi bro in Utah, Dr Rob J Bryant , to test it for me!

Here are two videos he sent me, to send to you! First one is of him demonstrating the Kiwi grip! Very nice, Rob! Looks easier to do it with the Pocket Bougie than the Cook Frova bougie I currently use!
Second video is Rob demonstrating the Pistol grip for single operator bougie intubation. Thanks to Fayaz Gulamani for sharing that technique with us all! Rob reports after his testing, he gives The Pocket Bougie the two thumbs up approval as a frontline EM doc!

Kiwi Grip

Pistol Grip

For those interested contact Fayaz!

Fayaz Gulamani RRT
National Sales Manager

4 thoughts on “Bougie with Kiwi and Pistol grip – cool stuff

  1. Rob, bro, you’re a bloody legend! was just talking with the mate tonight about how if you didn’t want to introduce the bougie alone then slide the tube over the top I reckoned you could do exactly as you’ve done and use the two in tandem together. I really like what you have done because you get all the assurance that the tube is in the trachea of the bougie plus you get the benefits of a stylet to keep the tube shape. Even better than a bit of number eight wire!

    An interesting bit of trivia, the elastic gum bougie was invented by Robert Reynolds Macintosh, a fellow Kiwi from Timaru (but we won’t hold that against him).

  2. Thanks Ben,
    Kiwi Grip invented by Paul Baker (per it worked well with the pocket bougie and glidescope, and I found my tube delivery to be easier with the pocket bougie than with the gliderite stylet.
    Timaru is a great town, I did my house surgeon year there in ’99, Chris Nickson was there in 2002.

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