Masterclass in Rural and Remote Medicine, Kangaroo Island November 2013

masterclass KI 2013


Folks, dont miss this one if you are in Australia or close !

Masterclass in Rural and Remote Medicine by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg and friends!

Knowing Tim, it will feature heavily on practical training for those who need to provide emergency resuscitation and critical care to injured and ill a long way from an ICU or tertiary ED.


One thought on “Masterclass in Rural and Remote Medicine, Kangaroo Island November 2013

  1. Thanks Minh for the plug!

    No secret that I have become a FOAMed enthusiast, not least because it helps us isolated country doctors to deliver ‘quality care, out there’. Bearing in mind that critical illness doesn’t respect geography, I dont want the weak link in resuscitation to be me! Many of the FOAMed concepts (particularly those from prehospital medicine) are highly relevant to us rural docs.

    So, to give a flavour – this ‘rural masterclass’ is going to be mostly hands-on, small group and get stuck into the concepts we wont teach on the usual round of EMST-ALSO-APLS etc courses

    Over two days we’ll explore FOAMed concepts in airway & resuscitation, acute medicine, psych, obstetrics and surgery….expect the unexpected – no death by bulletpoints, but difficult decision-making on cases, scenario testing in hospital and outside…

    Of course the learning is going to be relevant for the rural environment – no option to cLl the anaesthetist, get a CT head or pull out the fibre optic tower – you will need to make decisions within the resource limitations typical for a small rural hospital.

    We’ve got a few of the medSTAR team coming over, some paramedics, a psych, obstetrician and Peter Bautz, trauma surgeon and fellow EMST director…going ‘off piste’

    I am excited….

    Hope to see a fe of you there.

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