Triumph over trauma – Karim Brohi at SMACCGOLD

Karim gave me one of the most memorable lines and words of advice from SMACCGOLD : “Sweep the floor..the little daily things matter” – listen to him and you will understand!

2 thoughts on “Triumph over trauma – Karim Brohi at SMACCGOLD

  1. It was a good talk – and I am sure the concept of “sweeping the floor” resonated with us both.

    Put simply, this is a demo of the value of peer review, regular audit, & governance – the “simple, boring things” to allow standardisation of processes to minimise variation across a service.

    Kinda like using checklists – allows standardisation until you HAVE to improvise and helps remove the inherent danger of the lone expert in a system that needs to accommodate varying levels of expertise and impact of fatigue, cognitive overload and team dynamics.

    Off to sweep my floor now…

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