PHARM goes to Sydney HEMS!

Through these humble doors, prehospital specialists are made
Through these humble doors, prehospital specialists are made

Its been a long time coming but finally I accepted an invitation by my mate, Cliff Reid to attend his service induction training at Bankstown Airport base of Greater Sydney Area HEMS. I acted as observer and guest faculty.

Its pretty clear after first lecture that Cliff and his team are a tight crew, who live and breathe a code of honour and service to the commitment of excellence in prehospital and retrieval medicine.

They are an elite unit, of that I have no doubt.

Karel Habig, the service medical director spoke this telling opening line that espouses the ethos of the unit.

All to say go, 1 to say no

They showed part of this video as introduction to the induction week.

Its from their SMACC GOLD entry but its worth another watch I think!


Many pearls I will be taking back to my service to consider how we can improve our own practice and I will be blogging a few posts about what I have gleaned during this week..all in the name of PHARM!

There has also been some interesting Twitter chatter generated from some threads I started whilst at my 1st day at GSA HEMS…but more on that later!


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