#CrazySocks4Docs “Often, failed to look after its own”

Bring out your #crazysocks4docs mental health … Dr @gdtoogood writes in #MJAInSight … "This is a profession that has, so often, failed to look after its own." https://t.co/5ci6Its6gg pic.twitter.com/7nfvMJ2Rv4 — MJA (@theMJA) May 28, 2018

#CrazySocks4Docs ‘I think you have depression’

It is brave to admit you need help. It is even braver to share your story on social media. Thank you to the author of this wonderfully honest piece of writing for breaking down the stigma of mental health for doctors. #crazysocks4docs #wellness https://t.co/GCqrwRmeNY — Melanie Rule (@rulesrule1) May 28, 2018

The silent suffering must end : #CrazySocks4Docs day June 1st

My Kiwi anaesthetic friend and colleague @perkieturkey drew this for #CrazySocks4Docs. A moving image that encapsulates the silent suffering. Thanks for letting us use this, Doc. pic.twitter.com/u88HIq7A8k — Dr Eric Levi FRACS (@DrEricLevi) May 21, 2018 I’ve worn funky socks since before sliced bread. Now there is a purpose. 2 weeks time. Grab crazy socksContinue reading “The silent suffering must end : #CrazySocks4Docs day June 1st”

Broken Doctors, Broken Systems by Dr Levi

Broken Doctors, Broken Systems: Clinician Mental Health in Context. Full transcript of talk at #RACS18 #ASM18SYD. Everything I wanted to say but didn’t because of nerves on stage. I hope this will inspire discussion locally wherever you are.https://t.co/lVUtdtubLI — Dr Eric Levi FRACS (@DrEricLevi) May 13, 2018

A prescription for trouble : physician heal thyself

I wrote a piece on why senior doctors need more help now than ever.A big thanks to all the drs who spoke to me @crazysocks4Docs @DrMukeshH @drHelenschultz @DrAndrewDavies @ama_media @beyondblue @RACSurgeons @VicGovDHHS @womeninsurgery #MH4Docs https://t.co/OYbhBQNpxM — Krati Garg (@KratiGarg07) April 14, 2018

Just being under investigation is a hazard to your health

Clear suicide risk exists for doctors under investigation … @gdtoogood writes in #MJAInSight … "The reported incidence of [] depression in those who were [being] investigated was 16.9% compared with 9.5% of those with no complaints against them … https://t.co/6UCuLG5ubo pic.twitter.com/CHRB9mHbuA — MJA (@theMJA) April 13, 2018

Doctors’ mental health : the ins & outs

My thoughts after participating in a Grand Round at Peninsula Health with Geoffrey Toogood , Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, AC, and The Hon Minister for Health, Greg Hunt. The internal and external factors that play a part in impeding doctor…https://t.co/2uRq0nzCfV https://t.co/74ENFEGWBv — Helen Schultz (@drHelenschultz) March 3, 2018