Australians urged to ask loved ones about suicide thoughts and plans #YouCanTalk https://t.co/oci0qDpL5c via @theage — beyondblue (@beyondblue) July 18, 2018

Why Resilience is now a dirty word

Challenging the hidebound, sexist, bully culture of medicine 'simply isn't safe' for students. Brilliant insight from @AlexLFarrell of @yourAMSA @brookmanknight @Fly_texan @ketaminh @AColtzau @M_C_Rice @DrBradMcKay @bradfrankum @jilltomlinson https://t.co/IhDcYvz6kP — Julie Lambert (@PedanticLamb) June 8, 2018

Charity as a panacea for burnout

Charity as a panacea for professional burnout … Dr Ajit Singh Bhalla writes in #MJAInSight … "Too often, in our pursuit of training, we forget why we chose to become doctors and what truly makes us happy." https://t.co/n1ilKqrdar pic.twitter.com/c0KL8hBhDa — MJA (@theMJA) May 29, 2018

#CrazySocks4Docs ‘I think you have depression’

It is brave to admit you need help. It is even braver to share your story on social media. Thank you to the author of this wonderfully honest piece of writing for breaking down the stigma of mental health for doctors. #crazysocks4docs #wellness https://t.co/GCqrwRmeNY — Melanie Rule (@rulesrule1) May 28, 2018