Body art tattoos of @empathsupreme #tattswecarry

Guests and visitors to the #UGH cafe , we are opening a new gallery section to the establishment, featuring artwork especially body art and tattoos. Images are contributed by clinicians via twitter for open sharing under the banner Creative Commons licence of this blog site (refer to disclaimer and commons license on home page). NoContinue reading “Body art tattoos of @empathsupreme #tattswecarry”

Annabelle’s Kitchen

On #IWD2018 thankyou to all the fabulous women who've shared their stories with me. There's no greater privilege for a writer than hearing a personal story, especially first time shared#myheroesarenurses#myheroesareoutbackvets#myheroesareourvietnamnurses #myheroesarebushdocs — Annabelle Brayley (@AnnabellBrayley) March 7, 2018


    This 24hr Cafe is a place of shelter and comfort for all who require such from the daily grind of work and life. Principally it is a repository for recipes for comfort food and beverages, to share these amongst a community on #medtwitter and friends. Feel free to contribute your own recipes viaContinue reading “#UGH 24HR CAFE – WE NEVER CLOSE & ALL WELCOME”