Two Boys on a Bike for Sight: Arclight Tandem Africa — Adventure Medic

On 11th October 2018, Merlin Hetherington and Alex McMaster, undergraduate students from the University of St. Andrews set off on their epic 8 month, 10,000km journey by tandem bike from Cairo to Cape town. Their mission? To distribute and train health workers in using the Arclight device, a robust, compact solar powered opthalmoscope and otoscope,… viaContinue reading “Two Boys on a Bike for Sight: Arclight Tandem Africa — Adventure Medic”

Emergency Medicine specialists in Africa

Tweet Series: “Interview with the Author…” The badEM crew interviewed Crystal Bae regarding her newly released article in AfJEM Volume 6 Issue 2 entitled: “Professional needs of young Emergency Medicine specialists in Africa: Results of a South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania & Ghana survey” Original Research by Crystal Bae, Heike Geduld, Lee A. Wallis, De VilliersContinue reading “Emergency Medicine specialists in Africa”