Pre-Hospital Trauma Care – Lessons Learned From the Front

The UC Division of EMS has recorded a series of podcasts to celebrate EMS Week 2016.  We are honored to be able to engage EMS Providers throughout the world with this forum.  If you practice pre-hospital medicine, we would like to say thank you and that we appreciate everything you do to provide a high…Continue reading “Pre-Hospital Trauma Care – Lessons Learned From the Front”

Grand Rounds Recap 9/16

Air Care Grand Rounds What do I need to assess before I load this patient in the heli? *  Does your patient need plastic? (ETT, needle/finger thoracostomy) o Get breath sounds / anticipate your possible interventions you may need * Is your patient in shock? o Don’t have a lactate? Hyperglycemia in the absence ofContinue reading “Grand Rounds Recap 9/16”