The Agitated Patient

I don’t know if this has happened to you yet.  It happened to me on my first shift as an intern.  I hadn’t laid hand on a stethoscope in months.  I had just unloaded the cardboard boxes from my rental truck into my new place.  As I was settling in to my first few patientContinue reading “The Agitated Patient”

Ventilator Management Simulation Debriefing

Case 1 – “Bucking the Vent” You have inherited a patient in the VA MICU at signout.  The patient presented with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and altered mental status and was intubated for airway protection and hypoxic/hypercarbic respiratory failure.  The patient’s altered mental status has resolved but the patient remains intubated waiting for a second large-volumeContinue reading “Ventilator Management Simulation Debriefing”

Cricothyrotomy MAKE THE DECISION TO CUT by Taming The SRU

New cricothyrotomy page w/ curated #FOAMed resources HT @emcrit @TBayEDguy @ketaminh @TheSharpEndCrew @airwaycam — UC EM Residency (@TamingtheSRU) August 20, 2015 //