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Intensivists can sing! SMACC 2013 sing along!



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Airway clean kills – my SMACC 2013 presentation



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SMACC 2013 Opening Ceremony

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Twitter what ? SMACC 2013 and Dr Karim Brohi , author of

[View the story “Twitter what ? SMACC 2013 and Dr Karim Brohi” on Storify]


SIMWARS FINALS from Oliver Flower on Vimeo.

SMACC 2013 Epic Opener

A reflection on SMACC2013 and FOAMEd – A Twitter story

Fellow blogger and FOAMed aficiando, Dr Brannigan of UNDERNEATHEM wrote a reflective article on his SMACC 2013 experience. After publishing last night, here is the Twitter conversation that ensued

[View the story “Is FOAMEd like the Church of Scientology? TAKE 2” on Storify]

SMACC 2013 in 6 minutes

SMACC 2013 My thoughts

IMG_1291Sunrise over Sydney on Day 3 of SMACC 2013

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Hospitalisation against the will – in search of Middle Way by Dr Gregor Prosen

Courtesy of SMACC PK Talk competition, Dr Prosen from Slovenian teaches us on the Middle Way and KetoGlucose sedation for prehospital care of acute behaviourally disturbed patient!

SMACC needs YOU!

smacc banner

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SMACC 2013 + Sydney Harbour + Cold Chisel = ANOTHER GREAT REASON TO COME

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SMACC 2013 Provisional Program -READ THIS AND JOIN US!

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PHARM Podcast 47 – An interview with an Irish Flying Doctor and RollCageMedic

Dr Matthew Macpartlin (RollCageMedic)

Dr Doug Lynch (Irish Flying Doctor)

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