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#EA18 Airway Cases & the Law – Webcasts

Trauma airway management 2017

A perfect Airway Storm up North

This episode I reflect upon a really tough airway case. I have asked a number of airway gurus from the FOAMed community to comment on the logistics and plan to manage this case. Thanks to Tim Leeuwenburg, Rich Levitan, Roger Harris and Dr Richard Lewis of their contributions. The patient 50 year old woman with…

via Clinical Case 143: a Perfect Airway Storm — Broome Docs

When the going gets tough – comparing tools in difficult airways — Songs or Stories

Difficult airways in kids might be mostly predicted but that’s not the end of them being difficult. How do we go with the tools we choose? By Andrew Weatherall Kids’ anaesthetists spend a lot of time drawing bows of varying lengths. There is an awful lot of time spent reading a variety of things about adults […]

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Vomitology and bloody airways in 2017

Open access airway management videos

How to manage fluids in emergency airway situations

Airway knowledge doesnt autoupdate

Well that was a bit of a gap. A quick post on the return about something we all know we know but could do with unknowing – simple stuff on the paediatric airway. I don’t think my computer embeds a knowledge of anything. Or my phone. Everything is up for updating. I know because all too […]

via Airway Knowledge Doesn’t Auto-Update — Songs or Stories

Paediatric Airways not always easy


DL vs VL ? or Both?…Perhaps on!

A comparison of the ease of tracheal intubation using a McGrath MAC® laryngoscope and a standard Macintosh laryngoscope

Difficult Airway Trolleys and #EZDrugID in ANZCA Bulletin


The benefit of PEEP


Suction epiglottoscopy


Supraglottic Airways: Their Evolution as Tracheal Tube Introducers by Dr Jim DuCanto

Dr Jim DuCanto

Dr Jim DuCanto

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So VL and DL have failed, what next??

attribution to some joker on Twitter

attribution to some joker on Twitter

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