Airway Checklist Practicalities and FOAMed PHARM Kit Dump Update

Confessions of a novice PHARM co-author: I am guilty of blogging negligence for not posting this sooner. I had an asynchronous conversation with Scott Weingart on Airway Checklist real world implementation …

Intubation via a Supraglottic Airway without any paralytic

Jim DuCanto demonstrates how he intubates via the AirQ SGA using the AirVu optical stylet. This is done using gaseous and local anaesthesia alone WITHOUT RECOURSE TO PARALYTICS OR IV INDUCTION AGENTS

ETI with King LT in failed Airway scenario

Folks, they said it could not be done. Then Dr Yen Chow showed them it could be. And now JD Ggraziano and his paramedic buddies show you can be done. And for those wondering..thats a MAC4 bladed laryngoscope JD is wielding in the video What’s that? Endotracheal intubation with a great big Supraglottic airwayContinue reading “ETI with King LT in failed Airway scenario”