Prehospital RSI in the UK

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I’m currently away in Japan getting some skiing in, so I’m not up to much I terms of posting. However, whilst waiting for my wife to return from a shopping rampage in Tokyo, I did catch this post over at the brilliant ScanCrit site about HEMS use of RSI in East…

Another Podcast with AmboFOAM and KangarooBeach

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I was fortunate last night to be able to catch up with Tim Leeuwenberg of  when he flew in to Melbourne for the ETMCourse.  Along with a very convivial dinner at Bistro Vue on Little Collins street, we managed to bash out a quick podcast as well.  We discussed a little of…

Prehospital blood product use

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:
When prehospital blood storage goes bad… Auckland HEMS is currently exploring the use of blood products in our prehospital environment. Two interesting papers regarding prehospital blood product use were recently published by the Queensland Ambulance Service. The Queensland Ambulance Service maintains a 24/7 doctor/paramedic trauma response team that is dispatched…

Prehospital amputation

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:
Auckland HEMS has recently added a Gigli saw to the medical pack in case a patient requires prehospital amputation. Fortunately the team has not yet been required to perform this procedure. Anecdotally, prehospital amputations that have been performed by paramedic staffed EMS in the Auckland area in recent years have…

Safety and feasibility of prehospital extra corporeal life support implementation by non-surgeons for out-of-hospital refractory cardiac arrest

( image from Twitter, courtesy of Dr Brian Burns @HawkmoonHEMS)

PODCAST #18 : Dr Ed Valentine on BASICS (UK)

Originally posted on Rural Doctors Net:
Dr Ed Valentine is a dual-trained EM & ICU doc in the Old Dart, currently spending a year as a retrieval Fellow with London HEMS and responding as a BASICS volunteer in his home county of Wiltshire, UK We talk about the role of BASICS in the UK to…