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Posts by Yen Chow

d-loop Bougie and a King Vision enabled Mac 4 laryngoscope from Jim DuCanto

d loop Pocket Bougie and MacGyver King Vision enabled Mac 4

Our good friend Jim DuCanto continues to innovate and experiment with airways. Here is his newest idea to help manage tube delivery with shorter bougies in an efficient manner: the “d-loop”!

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Levitan, the “Laryngeal Handshake” and the “Cartilaginous Cage”

Pearls from Rich Levitan on surgical airways: Do the “Laryngeal Handshake” to identify airway anatomy and the Cricothyroid “Cartilaginous Cage” is protective

Laryngeal handshake and cartilaginous cage

From Rich Levitan’s slides with permission

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Airway Checklist Practicalities and FOAMed PHARM Kit Dump Update

Airway Checklists EMCrit and Kit Dump 3.4

Confessions of a novice PHARM co-author: I am guilty of blogging negligence for not posting this sooner. I had an asynchronous conversation with Scott Weingart on Airway Checklist real world implementation … Read more

The FOAMed PHARM Kit Dump Project

Boldfaced Kit Dump

Kit Dump Sheet version 3.3 with “the BOLDFACE”

A number of PHARM folk on social media have been chatting up a storm recently over Airway Checklists, Kit Dumps and Airway Bags.

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