Aeromedical Retrieval and Case Presentations with Paramedics Australasia, Queensland!

Another outstanding Paramedics Australasia #PACPD event being held in Brisbane. Aeromedical Retrieval & Case Presentations. Dr Rob Cardwell, Paramedics Amy Craike & Eugene O'mara. 13 June '18. Register at — PA Qld Chapter (@PAQld) June 9, 2018

The Rest of Their Lives — The Collective

At the recent Student Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2016 held in Sydney, Dr Andrew Weatherall was given the topic of “things paramedics can do to produce better long-term outcomes after traumatic brain injury”. This is a version of that talk modified for the blog. This topic, that someone else came up with, gets it. SoContinue reading “The Rest of Their Lives — The Collective”