Gentle patient handling

The paper we mentioned by Jonathan Benger and Jules Blackham can be accessed here: Stable versus unstable spinal injury The location of an injury and involvement of different structures defines the stability of a spinal injury. Anterior column: anterior longitudinal ligament and the anterior half of the vertebral body/disc. Middle column: posterior half of… Continue Reading

Crashing patient on the vent?

Crashing patient in the vent: DOPES then DOTTS @CriticalCareNow #bloodsandcme also reviewed here: — Justin Morgenstern (@First10EM) December 7, 2015 //

A Military Aviation model for Patient Safety?

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:
In the September 2013 edition of the British Medical Journal, Robyn Clay-Williams has published a thought provoking article on the modelling of clinical risk management on civil aviation practices, and questions whether a military aviation model may be more prudent when assessing and managing risk in the healthcare environment.  The…