PHARM Podcast 154 There will be blood (Part1)

“You haven’t lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” – #ThursdayThoughts #quoteoftheday #quote — Chris Percival (@ChrisPercival_) October 27, 2016 //

The Rest of Their Lives — The Collective

At the recent Student Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2016 held in Sydney, Dr Andrew Weatherall was given the topic of “things paramedics can do to produce better long-term outcomes after traumatic brain injury”. This is a version of that talk modified for the blog. This topic, that someone else came up with, gets it. SoContinue reading “The Rest of Their Lives — The Collective”

Angling for Trouble? Catch and Release for Heroin Overdose. — AmboFOAM

Ok, I’ll make this quick, as it’s half time during the Bledisloe Cup, and nothing is more important than seeing Straya get beaten (again). Therefore, no references – but I’ll follow up with some data once another study has been published (in the pipeline) via Angling for Trouble? Catch and Release for Heroin Overdose. — AmboFOAM

Asthma for Ambos — Don’t Forget the Bubbles

Tonight I had the privilege to talk to the team at the Werribee branch of Ambulance Victoria. I was given the brief to talk on something to do with paediatric respiratory problems and I thought I would focus on one of their most common presentations – asthma. Asthma is such a common condition, affecting one… viaContinue reading “Asthma for Ambos — Don’t Forget the Bubbles”

Getting to the Start Line — The Collective

We can debate the value of this advanced team model vs that advanced team model. We can debate videolaryngoscopy vs direct laryngoscopy for days. People do. Its all chump change compared to the real challenge. Getting that team where they need to be. Dr Alan Garner and Dr Andrew Weatherall have a bit reviewing aContinue reading “Getting to the Start Line — The Collective”