PHARM Podcast 119 with Ben Meadley MICA paramedic

@johnboy237 ably assisting with @AmbulanceVic HEMS. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the show! — Ben Meadley (@ben_meadley) October 9, 2014 Ben is the ugly one on the right

PHARM Podcast 116 : Droperidol, Ketamine, Surviving Sedation & ECMO with Dr Michael Downes

@DocOnSkis @poped01 @acemonline underlying aetiology of DORM II cases — Michael Downes (@ToxTalks) April 28, 2015

The Safety and Effectiveness of Droperidol for Sedation of Acute Behavioral Disturbance in the Emergency Department

Sedating the agitated pt,1400 cases,6EDs in Oz,IM droperidol efficacious and safe, The DORM II study is here #FOAMed — Michael Downes (@ToxTalks) April 15, 2015

Making the Call: Enhancing Cognition, Critical Thinking, and Decision Making in Acute Care by Michael Lauria

I saw this on Twitter today and its a great lecture along the lines of Weingart and Reid’s discussion of Combat Mindset in critical care. Check it out!